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Multi-lingual and multi-faceted, Jillali is a true connector - a person who creates and fosters relationships on many levels - and that's exactly what he does as part of the Adaptive Road crew. He also enjoys playing soccer, and, in his spare time, works as a professional DJ and producer. Parlez-vous français?
9 05, 2018

Getting Started with NetSuite Doesn’t Cost What You Think

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You would think that getting started with a robust system like NetSuite would cost thousands in monthly fees, but the truth is that you can get started with as little as $199/month and still gain the world in business solutions. Let’s take a look at what a low-cost entry into NetSuite would mean for you: [...]

15 03, 2017

Big Box Store or Mom ’n Pop? Omnichannel Strategies Can Level the Playing Field

2017-03-28T12:48:58-05:00 By |Business Growth, Business Process, E-Commerce, Omnichannel|0 Comments

Growing up, did you have a favorite store? What are your memories of it? Did they offer legendary customer service in your corner of the world? Did the folks at the store make you feel like family? Yes, even your favorite store of yesteryear probably had a deep understanding of the customer experience model. These [...]

1 02, 2017

No More Bottlenecks with Custom NetSuite Workflows

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Balancing budget with the need for quality is a teeter-totter for a lot of companies. Improving the efficiency of your business processes to save time and money also can help to improve the quality of customer service. If you could do all three – save time, save money, AND improve customer service – with just one process improvement, that’s good for business, don’t you agree? PLUS – removing bottlenecks always seems like a good idea, [...]

12 09, 2016

How Not to Tank Employee Relationships

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Are you tanking your employee relationships and staining your employment brand? Most companies ensure that they're nurturing and monitoring their company brand. But are they doing the same for their employment brand? You hear a lot of about managing your company’s brand online. Some call it the “Yelp Effect.” Essentially, the internet has amplified the voice [...]

9 07, 2016

Is Your Business Stuck in Neutral?

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When you're stepping on the gas to grow your business, does the accelerator ever get stuck? Is your business stuck? All business owners say they want to grow. Bolster relationships with existing clients, develop new leads and eventually get them to buy. Expand the product line. Address a new market. Beat the competition. The unfortunate fact [...]