15 03, 2017

Big Box Store or Mom ’n Pop? Omnichannel Strategies Can Level the Playing Field

2017-03-28T12:48:58-05:00 By |Business Growth, Business Process, E-Commerce, Omnichannel|0 Comments

Growing up, did you have a favorite store? What are your memories of it? Did they offer legendary customer service in your corner of the world? Did the folks at the store make you feel like family? Yes, even your favorite store of yesteryear probably had a deep understanding of the customer experience model. These [...]

29 08, 2016

Generic NetSuite and E-commerce Don’t Go Together

2018-08-15T15:04:13-05:00 By |E-Commerce, NetSuite Implementation|0 Comments

Recently, we've noticed a ton of companies with their public-facing e-commerce stores still using the generic NetSuite links of shopping.netsuite.com, shopping.na1.netsuite.com, or shopping.na2.netsuite.com instead of a link representative of the business itself. For example, the Widgets R Us company online store has the following link: http://shopping.netsuite.com/widgetsrus. Hard to get YOUR store optimized for search engines when the main part of the [...]