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The Hidden Dangers of Spreadsheets

Hidden Dangers of Spreadsheets

You want this eBook.

It’s scary, so don’t read it in the dark. Seriously.

The notorious Spreadsheet Monster might already be living at your office, in your conference rooms, and under the desks. Sometimes, he even crawls right up into the middle of your meeting and flaps his scary arms right in your face.

But you can’t see him. In fact, many people don’t even believe he exists.

He does exist, and he is out to get you.

  • See how he almost cheated a construction company out of nearly $4M
  • Learn how he can cause your cash flow to keel over
  • Observe how he’s out to tank your relationships with suppliers and partners

And, oh, that’s not the half of it.

Get this eBook. Learn how to identify the Spreadsheet Monster – and how to get him out of your life, and keep him from hurting the people and partners you care about.