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Frequently Asked Questions about NetSuite

When you’re contemplating a change in financial management systems, it’s normal to have a lot of questions. We’ve done our best to sort out the most common questions and provide answers. Do you have a question that we haven’t addressed below? Please ask us!


NetSuite in the Cloud

Yes. NetSuite is the only on-demand solution provider to guarantee availability, with a promise of 99.5% uptime. During the past 12 months (as of this writing) NetSuite is running at 99.986% uptime.The 0.014% is accounted for as planned downtime for essential maintenance. See the figures in real time here.

YES! The safety of your data is the number one priority of NetSuite, and their cloud environment is optimized to provide the best security possible. Your data is always YOUR data, and it is protected by 128-bit domestic SSL encryption as well as 64-bit international SSL encryption – plus there are different passwords needed for the system itself and your database.

NetSuite’s commitment to your security means that your data is safe.

Check if your company has a second internet provider, as many companies do provide that important back-up. Even though NetSuite contractually commits to a 99.5% uptime (and has historically maintained 99.8%!), that doesn’t help you if your own internet provider decides to take a vacation.

You also have options – you can keep entering using Excel, and push what you’ve entered into NetSuite once you reconnect. And you can use the mobile version temporarily while your internet provider is busy getting service restored.

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