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Frequently Asked Questions about NetSuite

When you’re contemplating a change in financial management systems, it’s normal to have a lot of questions. We’ve done our best to sort out the most common questions and provide answers. Do you have a question that we haven’t addressed below? Please ask us!


Purchasing NetSuite

We don’t mean to be cagey here, for sure. The hard part here is that you and the company next door to you could each implement NetSuite, and it will cost you each something different – because your businesses are different. Quite honestly, if we (or any other NetSuite implementer, for that matter) published pricing on our website, we’d be doing you a disservice, because every single client has different needs that could and will impact your overall investment.

As far as software costs, as we’ve mentioned elsewhere, that’s dependent on a number of factors – number of users, NetSuite edition, and the possible need for any add-on modules.

For professional services, it may be that your needs can be met by a standard implementation (our Road Ready Bundle), which can keep your costs very manageable and predictable. If you need a bit more, we’ve created other bundles to, once again, keep costs predictable. While we can’t speak for others, with Adaptive Road, you will know before you ever sign anything the exact scope of work, what’s included, and what your investment will be, well before your implementation begins.


As humans, we sometimes focus on price more than we focus on value, and we put price into context we understand. For that reason, we look at return-on-investment (ROI) as the real indicator of whether the NetSuite solution is expensive or not. If you could purchase something for $10, but it would save you $20, would you buy it?

We have seen our clients experience very real savings, a better ability to make faster decisions, and significant cost reductions, through these benefits:

  • Decrease in manual data entry
  • Real-time data when and where you need it – helping you make decisions faster with the most up-to-date information available
  • No infrastructure to purchase, support,and maintain
  • One skill-set needed (not many for many different systems)
  • Easier to on-board new employees
  • Data security and immunity from data loss or curruption

Implementing NetSuite can reduce the total cost of ownership of your business systems by up to 60% – and you’ll have all of the functionality of the world’s #1 cloud ERP provider at your fingertips.

No limit! If you have up to ten users, NetSuite Limited Edition might be right for you. NetSuite is geared for organizations with 11 to 50 users, and NetSuite Enterprise Edition for organization with more than 50 users, with no upper limit. And, should your organization grow, changing editions to increase the number of users available is a simple task, which your implementer should facilitate for you.

You might; it depends upon your business and your requirements.

Add-on modules deliver additional functionality for specialized needs without the need for customization. While it is possible to do what these modules do by customizing your specific NetSuite environment, it is far more cost effective to take advantage of add-on modules that are already developed – when they meet your needs, of course.

There are many different add-on modules available. For our clients, we identify when an add-on module is a good business decision during the requirements discussions and project scoping, so you’ll know early if an add-on module will benefit your business.

Your software license is provided by NetSuite, under their standard Terms of Service.

You will sign a NetSuite Subscription Agreement, and you’ll pay NetSuite directly. For our clients, we facilitate that process, ensuring that your NetSuite quote/proposal contains everything you need (and not one thing more). The software agreement is between you and NetSuite directly.

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