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NetSuite Training

Accelerate Adoption

We talk a lot about training. This is one investment in your new NetSuite implementation that you absolutely want to make, and you will see the payoff in accelerated adoption, happy and productive users, and, with those two things in place, your return on investment.

While we can customize training for your specific needs if required, our standard Training Accelerators might be just the ticket.

Here’s how they work:

  • Training is typically delivered via web, and your participants will learn from their own desktop or in a conference room at your location (your choice).
  • When the training has been scheduled, a full outline of the training and the agenda is provided to your participants.
  • We deliver training in consumable, retain-able chunks – typically in two-to-three hour sessions. We have found that this format helps with retention and is easier to work into participant schedules.
  • We create an Adaptive Road NetSuite account that mirrors your account’s setup and available features, so training is not taking place on your live system. This works well and has the added bonus of protecting your data and information.
  • Every training session is recorded and sent to you at the conclusion of the full training, so you can have a library of training available should new people join your team or your existing team members would like a refresher.

Our Training Accelerators are priced per class, starting at USD $999.

NetSuite Training

Training Accelerators are ready to go for you in the following areas:

  • Accounting / Finance
  • Accounting / Receivables
  • Accounting / Payables
  • Accounting / Human Resources
  • Operations / Purchasing
  • Operations / Fulfillment & Receiving
  • Operations / Inventory Management
  • Operations / Work Order Assemblies and Light Manufacturing
  • Operations / Customer Service & Support
  • Administration / Power User & Admin
  • Administration / Security & Developer Admin
  • Marketing
  • Sales & CRM
  • Website / SiteBuilder