Big Box Store or Mom ’n Pop? Omnichannel Strategies Can Level the Playing Field

Growing up, did you have a favorite store? What are your memories of it? Did they offer legendary customer service in your corner of the world? Did the folks at the store make you feel like family? Yes, even your favorite store of yesteryear probably had a deep understanding of the customer experience model.

These days, we’re never really that far from our favorite stores, especially if those stores are focused on being there for customers. Company websites, apps, mobile features, social media channels all contribute to being plugged in to customer needs.

Good, old-fashioned customer service can be even better served up with 21st century technology. In fact, the latest technology can be a game-changer that helps you to better serve your customers, and that’s how you get more customers.

If your retail or e-commerce operation has strong service values, you’ve spent a lot of time trying to anticipate what your customers might want from you, so you probably already have most of the digital basics in place.

Omnichannel strategies

If so, you’re ready for a step up – consider unlocking a seamless, omnichannel approach for deeper insights, using those insights to better engage customers and improve operations. You’ll benefit – and your customers will really benefit – from technology that lets your inventory system talk to your warehouse, analytics and reporting in the cloud that make comprehensive financial data accessible to everyone on your teams with a few clicks, and from an overall integrated view of your business health.

Successful retail and e-commerce companies that want to compete with the giant, big box retailers are hyper-focused on customer experience and all that influences it. Whether your business has a storefront or a warehouse (or both), one of the first, best steps your company can take in that direction is to stop resisting a shift away from silo systems that don’t talk to each other. Aligning all facets of your business will allow you to integrate processes to better serve customers and to improve your bottom line.

According to a December 2016 article in the Journal of Advertising Research, one of every six discretionary dollars is now spent online. Also $80.2 billion was spent online during the November-December 2016 holiday season, up 17% from the year before during the same period.

Numbers like those show that amping up the processes you have in place at your company, particularly those processes that touch your customers in some way, would be a wise investment to drive increased sales.

Think about the systems, people and processes that keep your business humming. Inventory management, order management, financial systems, communication systems are among the main considerations. In many businesses, those functions are compartmentalized, and operate without knowing what is going on in the rest of the business at any given moment. Wouldn’t it be fabulous to integrate those systems?

 These days, you can pull out your smartphone and competition is only a swipe away if your e-commerce is not up to speed enough to meet customer expectations. What if you had a single end-to-end business system software to help you find out who your customers are and what they want? An omnichannel strategy can be the game-changer you need.

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