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Featured Customer Success Stories

These aren’t about us; these success stories are about how customers fixed issues and potential issues with THEIR customers. Yes, they trusted Adaptive Road to get the job done, but the message here is that improving processes and workflows can create better customer relationships and raving fans. Pretty powerful, wouldn’t you agree?

When time is of the essence...

Lathem, one of the world's leading designers of timekeeping products for business, had a problem. Funny how one little thing like this can impact the mission of an entire company. But it can...
Lathem, one of the world’s leading designers of timekeeping products for business, had a problem. The manual process of copying UPS tracking numbers into SPS Commerce was resulting in bad shipment notifications to the company’s valuable customers.

FIXED IT. Custom logic now automatically copies the tracking numbers into the SPS Commerce custom records for advanced shipment notices and shipment label generation. Tracking numbers are perfect, user errors are eradicated, and customers know exactly what time their timekeeping products will be delivered.

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Beauty is in the mailbox of the beholder...

For Nearly Natural, 'nearly there' wasn't cutting it. One key manual workflow process was not only slowing everything down, it was also causing more re-work on the back-side...
Nearly Natural, a pioneer in the artificial floral industry, was struggling to keep up with orders (what a great problem to have!). Of paramount importance: accuracy – of course. Improved shipment accuracy keeps returns down and customer satisfaction up! A manual workflow process was keeping things bogged down.

FIXED IT! We implemented an automated workflow process to increase accuracy and make the process more efficient. Nearly Natural is enjoying fewer returns, happier customers, and, well, everything’s coming up roses – for everyone!

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Can an accounting system keep someone from retiring?

Advanced Comfort Technology (ACT) is growing, and, because they were running QuickBooks, a lot of processes relied on what was inside one person's head. And she wanted to retire...
Manufacturing quality waterbeds for dairy cows is a niche market but a growing one – and Advanced Comfort Technology is growing right along with it – but the only way they were keeping up with that growth was with manual processes that relied on the CFO’s knowledge of the company and the industry. They were running QuickBooks for accounting, lots of spreadsheets, and “Brain of the CFO” for everything else. And the CFO wanted to retire.

FIXED IT. Working with Adaptive Road gave the CFO the freedom to pursue her own path. NetSuite offered built-in processes that covered their various business functions. Plus, a recent requirement to be able to track beds to the farm where they were installed was handled with a custom “farm” record. Products are tracked, serial numbers are registered, and warranty periods are well documented. The cows are happy, the company is happy, and most of all, the CFO is happy to be out of the middle of every single process in the company. We hear there’s travel in her future – lots of travel.

Advanced Comfort Technology