What can I expect from a NetSuite implementation?

This is a hard question to answer, and it really depends on what you and your NetSuite implementer agreed to as a scope of work for your implementation. Scope is driven by requirements, so how do you arrive at your requirements? We can’t answer for every NetSuite implementation partner out there. With Adaptive Road, requirements are the result of a collaborative process, so you and your team will know up front how your systems will change and what your new NetSuite system will do for your business.

Our clients typically see business processes that operate more efficiently, consolidated reporting, real-time information, and a host of other improvements – and again, it’s all driven by scope, which is driven by requirements – which are decided up front, before your implementation ever begins.

The other side of this coin is that you and your team must be prepared to invest your time as well, in learning, understanding, and mastering the elements of NetSuite that pertain to your business. Without that commitment on your part, your NetSuite implementation won’t have its best chance at success.

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