How do I get my data back if I decide NetSuite isn’t for me?

In the first place, that would be pretty unusual. NetSuite (and Adaptive Road) have very high customer retention rates. So it might be worth a conversation with us before deciding to go in a different direction.

But, if you must, you must. You have a few options available to you for getting your data out of your NetSuite environment:

  • NetSuite has a feature called “Export all data.” This is limited but might work for you.
  • You could purchase SuiteConnect, an add-on module that lets you export all of your data.
  • There’s a function called Full CSV Export (but it won’t have all of your transactions)
  • Write saved searches to export everything.

Overall, we recommend talking to your implementer about your options so you can choose the most efficient, expedient, and cost-effective option for your needs.

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