Why is it so hard to find out what NetSuite costs?

We don’t mean to be cagey here, for sure. The hard part here is that you and the company next door to you could each implement NetSuite, and it will cost you each something different – because your businesses are different. Quite honestly, if we (or any other NetSuite implementer, for that matter) published pricing on our website, we’d be doing you a disservice, because every single client has different needs that could and will impact your overall investment.

As far as software costs, as we’ve mentioned elsewhere, that’s dependent on a number of factors – number of users, NetSuite edition, and the possible need for any add-on modules.

For professional services, it may be that your needs can be met by a standard implementation (our Road Ready Bundle), which can keep your costs very manageable and predictable. If you need a bit more, we’ve created other bundles to, once again, keep costs predictable. While we can’t speak for others, with Adaptive Road, you will know before you ever sign anything the exact scope of work, what’s included, and what your investment will be, well before your implementation begins.


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