Is NetSuite expensive? What’s the cost of NetSuite?

As humans, we sometimes focus on price more than we focus on value, and we put price into context we understand. For that reason, we look at return-on-investment (ROI) as the real indicator of whether the NetSuite solution is expensive or not. If you could purchase something for $10, but it would save you $20, would you buy it?

We have seen our clients experience very real savings, a better ability to make faster decisions, and significant cost reductions, through these benefits:

  • Decrease in manual data entry
  • Real-time data when and where you need it – helping you make decisions faster with the most up-to-date information available
  • No infrastructure to purchase, support,and maintain
  • One skill-set needed (not many for many different systems)
  • Easier to on-board new employees
  • Data security and immunity from data loss or curruption

Implementing NetSuite can reduce the total cost of ownership of your business systems by up to 60% – and you’ll have all of the functionality of the world’s #1 cloud ERP provider at your fingertips.

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